an Anthony Faust film

starring Suzanne Richard Edward Robert Bach Make-up/Special FX by Jim Choate Sound by Rick Van Doren Music by Gabriel DiMarco Cinematography by Rachel Dunn Written, Produced, and Directed by Anthony Faust

the story

Witch sweeping

Instead, "Hello November" deals with more MUNDANE THEMES such as acceptance, loneliness, and fear as the story follows the recluse's son going to a yard sale to retrieve a very important item for his mother.

the film

The film was completed in the summer of 2012 and has a run time of ELEVEN MINUTES.

the music

Film composer Gabriel DiMarco explains the strategy he used to score "Hello November".

Yard sale

"My approach was to paint a background musical setting that captures the quirkiness of the two main characters: a recluse witch and her son, and the strange yet interesting story between them."

DiMarco explains further, describing his USE OF INSTRUMENTS.

"I decided to use different musical modes instead of the typical major or minor keys to help create a darker yet quirky sound for the characters. The choice of instruments also helped to create the right sound for each character and scene setting.

The opening of the film is very sustained with HARMONIC STRING LINES that give you a sense of lightness and dreaminess as we see the recluse's son awake from a deep sleep. When he returns from a garage sale, his mother yells at him for not getting what she requested.

The music turns dark, and a LONESOME CLARINET enters over a somewhat spooky accompaniment as the recluse's son sulks at his frustrating situation."

film festival circuit (2012)

"Hello November" premiered at the 2012 World Music & Independent Film Festival and WON THE AWARD for Best Make-up. The film also screened at the 2012 Alexandria Film Festival in Alexandria, VA.


After completing its film festival run, director Anthony Faust began the process of finding a home for the film. After pitching the film to ShortsTV, he received an e-mail from the President of ShortsTV, Marshall Nord, who told him that he loved the film and wanted to buy it.

And so "Hello November" was SOLD to ShortsTV and aired exclusively in the European market on the ShortsTV channel in 2014. After the ShortsTV contract expired, director Anthony Faust decided to make the film available for FREE on his VIMEO channel.

Final poster