Anthony Faust
Anthony Faust


Anthony Faust is a film director based in Washington, D.C.

Anthony Faust on set

Notable work

  • Boundary (2018), a full length feature film, will be completed in 2018.

  • Small Packages (2017) was accepted into the 2018 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival and the LA Shorts Awards. It won the Bronze Award at the LA Shorts Awards.

  • A Single Step (2012) won the award for Best Short at the 2013 All Sports LA Film Festival.

  • The script for Body (2019) was chosen as a finalist at the 2018 Los Angeles CineFest.


  • A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)

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    Shorts International.
    Distributed in 2012.
  • Hello November (2012)

    ShortsTV. Distributed in 2013.
  • The Seen (2016)

    ShortsTV. Distributed in 2017.
  • Small Packages (2017)

    ShortsTV. Distributed in 2018.
Anthony Faust on set

On set for Small Packages (2017)


  • Body (2019)

    Synopsis: One woman's metaphorical journey inside her womb to meet her unborn child, five minutes before it is born.

    Still from Body (2019)
  • Coins Only (2018)

    Synopsis: A landscape artist discovers a supernatural wishing well.


    Still from Coins Only (2018)
    Coins Only
  • Boundary (2018)

    Synopsis: A troubled man faces betrayal when he crosses paths with a rogue customs agent.

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    Still from Boundary (2018)
  • Small Packages (2017)

    Synopsis: A man's heroic impulses kick into high gear after he receives a chilling ransom note.


    Still from Small Packages (2017)
    Small Packages
  • The Seen (2016)

    Synopsis: A hooded man returns to the scene of a tragic house fire.


    Still from The Seen (2016)
    The Seen
  • A Single Step (2012)

    Synopsis: A baby takes his first step in a very unusual place.

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    Still from A Single Step (2012)
    A Single Step
  • Hello November (2012)

    Synopsis: A recluse witch faces the world on the day after Halloween.


  • A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)

    Synopsis: A jailed man hatches a clever (and sinister) plan to rid the massive rock in his father's backyard after receiving his letter.

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    Still from A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)
    A Rock and a Hard Place
On Coins Only set

On set of Coins Only (2018)


Anthony Faust is a contributing writer for The Script Lab.

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