Boundary (2020)

Logline: A reluctant assassin must protect his pregnant wife after he becomes entangled in a rogue customs agent's drug ring.

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You Can See The Dinosaurs (2021)

Logline: A dying blind man receives an unexpected visit from his astrophysicist son who informs him of a stunning discovery.

Currently in pre-production.

You Will See Me Again (2021)

Logline: A genius inventor seeks to reunite with the son he left behind after his latest experiment accidentally hurls him back in time.

Currently in post-production.

Body (2019)

Logline: A woman in labor has a hallucination of driving down a dark, isolated road where she encounters a naked man, curled in a ball.

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Coins Only (2018)

Logline: A landscape artist becomes greedy when he discovers a supernatural wishing well that returns dollars for coins.

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Small Packages (2017)

Logline: A man's heroic impulses kick into high gear after he receives a chilling ransom note.

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The Seen (2016)

Logline: A disfigured man returns to the scene of a tragic house fire.

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A Single Step (2012)

Logline: A baby takes his first step in a ice skating rink.

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Hello November (2012)

Logline: A reclusive witch faces the world on the day after Halloween.

Distribution: ShortsTV
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A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)

Logline: A jailed man hatches a clever (and sinister) plan to rid a massive rock from his father's backyard.

Distribution: Shorts International

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Still from A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)