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  • Anthony Faust has completed the final cut for his latest short film, Small Packages (2017). The film will be scored by Gabriel DiMarco. The film will be released this fall. Here is the poster.
  • Anthony Faust's latest film, The Seen (2016), has been sold to ShortsTV! The film will air on the ShortsTV channel this fall.


Anthony Faust is a film director based in Washington, D.C.

Anthony Faust on set

Notable work

  • His first film, A Rock and a Hard Place (2009), won Best Screenplay at the 2011 World Music and Independent Film Festival.

  • His second film, A Single Step (2012), won the award for Best Short at the 2013 All Sports LA Film Festival.

  • His first feature film, Boundary (2017), will be completed in 2017.


He is a contributing writer for The Script Lab, a website dedicated to screenwriting with a following of over 21K readers. Below are selected samples of his work.
Anthony Faust on set


  • Stork (2018)

    Currently in pre-production.

  • Coins Only (2018)

    Currently in pre-production.

  • Boundary (2017)

    IMdb / website / teaser / poster

    Currently in post-production.

  • Small Packages (2017)

    IMdb / poster

    Currently in post-production.

  • The Seen (2016)

    IMdb / poster

    Distribution: ShortsTV

    The Seen
  • A Single Step (2012)

    IMdb / watch on Vimeo

    Winner: Best Short at The 2013 All Sports LA Film Festival

    A Single Step
  • Hello November (2012)

    IMdb / website / poster

    Distribution: ShortsTV

  • A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)

    IMdb / buy a copy / website

    Distribution: Shorts Intl.

    A Rock and a Hard Place
Anthony Faust on set