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  • Anthony Faust's latest film, The Seen (2016), has secured distribution with ShortsTV! Details will be shared when the deal has been completed.
  • Anthony Faust's next film, an ultra low budget short entitled Coins only (2017), will be filmed this summer.


Anthony Faust is a film director based in Washington, D.C.

  • His first film, A Rock and a Hard Place (2009), won Best Screenplay at the 2011 World Music and Independent Film Festival. It was picked up by Shorts International in 2012 and can be purchased on iTunes for $2.99.

  • His second film, A Single Step (2012), won the award for Best Short at the 2013 All Sports LA Film Festival.

  • His third film, Hello November (2012), was sold to ShortsTV in 2013.

  • He stepped in front of the camera for The Seen (2016), playing the role of a man who returns to the scene of a tragic house fire.

  • He also wrote the script and directed the film. The film has secured distribution with ShortsTV. Details are pending.

  • In 2017, Anthony will complete his feature film, Boundary (2017), and will write, direct, and star (in his second acting gig) in his next short film, Stork (2018).


  • A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)

    IMdb / buy a copy / website

    Distribution: Shorts Intl.

  • Hello November (2012)

    IMdb / website / poster

    Distribution: ShortsTV

  • A Single Step (2012)

    IMdb / watch on Vimeo

    Winner: Best Short at The 2013 All Sports LA Film Festival

  • The Seen (2016)

    IMdb / poster

    Currently on the film festival circuit.

  • Small Packages (2017)

    IMdb / poster

    Currently in post-production.

  • Boundary (2017)

    IMdb / website / teaser / poster

    Currently in post-production.

  • Coins Only (2018)

    Currently in pre-production.

  • Stork (2018)

    Currently in pre-production.